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The Milestone Roadtrip: 4000 Miles To Home

Hey guess what? This is the 200th post of Sellers Abroad! Man, has it come a long way (seriously take a look at my very first post. It’s crap). What started as just a little thing I did for my family and friends at home to keep track of me so I wouldn’t have to email and message everyone all the time, has morphed into a blog full of my personal stories all around the world that scores upon scores of countries read everyday! Even some countries I’ve never heard of. Blogging on the road takes a lot of discipline, but I love writing about everything so much it rarely feels like a chore. Sometimes. How am I celebrating this personal feat? By road tripping all the way from San Jose, Costa Rica to Detroit, Michigan! A total of close to 4,000 miles or a little more than 6000 kilometers. Why would you do this to yourself? Continue reading The Milestone Roadtrip: 4000 Miles To Home