One Month Until I Embark

It’s May 1st, officially ONE MONTH until I fly to South Africa! Am I nervous? Not really. If anything I’m most nervous about the 25+ hour flight, spanning three different continents that I have to go on.

I have two ultimate goals while I’m in Africa. My first one is to find a Honey Badger.

My 2nd goal is to find Pride Rock and re-enact this scene:

I of course will be playing Rafiki. I just have to find/steal a lion cub that will let me do this. Shouldn’t be too hard…

I have no idea of what’s in store for me. What kind of people I will meet? Will the kids like me? What exactly will I be doing? Where will I be sleeping? I do know the name of the town I am supposed to live in while I am in South Africa. It’s called Muizenberg, a township of Cape Town. I am not sure if I’m living with a host family or in a volunteer house. Thumbs crossed for a host family! But this is pretty much all I know.

One more month friends.

P.S. Click on the Prologue link above to find out why I’m going to Africa.

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