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Everything Fell Perfectly Into Place…Except For Texas

Ever saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I gotta get the heck out of Texas!

The stars aligned perfectly for the last eight months. From the beginning of my trip in Las Vegas, to the end in Mexico City, this unplanned plan could not have gone any smoother. Teaching English in Nepal and Guatemala has exceeded my expectations, along with the volunteers, travelers, and locals I met there. No one tried to mess with me and nothing was stolen. All 17 of my flights went without any bumps or delays. I even earned a voucher for a free flight in the future from volunteering to board a later flight while I was on a layover in Los Angeles. The money I budgeted was just about perfect. I was only sick once but with a common cold that lasted about a week. The major factor that played into my excellent journey were all of the friends that took care of me in their respective countries. I saved a boatload of money just from their generous hospitality alone. They all took care of me well! I stayed with friends in The Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, and Mexico. I account most of my globetrotting ease to them. Continue reading Everything Fell Perfectly Into Place…Except For Texas