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The League of Eight Extraordinary Events

The League of Eight Extraordinary Events - Adventure Born


It’s two weeks worth of eight unique events that take place in a number of interesting spots spread throughout Alaska, one of the most adventurous places I could think of. No one really knows what the events are or what they encompass. As a matter of fact, the majority of the league is shrouded in mystery. Where will we stay? How are we getting around? What the heck is going on? Only I know all the answers.

How can you join the league? Well, you can’t just join the league. You have to know the right people (me) and you have to be super tight with those people (me). Also, those lucky participants are highly deserving and travel compatible. The League of Eight Extraordinary Events is something I imagined up for my friends and I to enjoy as we explore places we’ve never been, before I go solo into the unknown. I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska and now was the perfect opportunity.

Alaska, the Last Frontier, is by far the largest of the United States of America.

Size comparison of the State of Alaska compared to the lower 48 States
Size comparison of the State of Alaska compared to the lower 48 States.

A large landmass, the size of almost a third of the continental mainland made up of rugged mountain ranges and island archipelagos. Alaska is known for its wilderness of natural beauty, scenic parks, and bears. Lots of brown bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, wolves, and moose the size of trucks. Some of these animals may make an appearance based on the events I know we will be doing. I know what to do in case of an unexpected encounter but to be killed so early on this worldly quest because of unpreparedness would be a shame. With that, I prepared a printout for the gang on how to handle a bear or moose encounter. After a bit of research, a moose charging at you with those gigantic behemoth sized antlers sounded a lot scarier. Odds are slim that we’ll run into any of these animals in the wild, but you know…just in case!

While waiting in the Detroit Metro Airport, the group was still in disbelief as they tried to decipher any hidden meaning of the documents I gave them.

The League of Eight Extraordinary Events

We didn’t have a direct flight to Anchorage. Instead we had a long layover in Seattle where we were able to explore outside of the airport for a while.


We returned a few hours later to catch some sleep before the final flight. It was mighty uncomfortable but that’s just how airports are.


Once we finally landed in Anchorage, the time was about 8:10 am. We freshened up in the restrooms and went to retrieve our luggage. One of the biggest fears of a frequent traveler is to not see your precious bag loop around the conveyor belt. It’s only happened to me once and thankfully I’ve been fine ever since. We spotted our bags almost instantly as we approached the belts. Next, we headed straight to the rental car company where I had a ride waiting for us in reserve. We weren’t staying in Anchorage nor in any hotels. I had a little something more “Alaskan” waiting for us.

alaska roadtrip

I didn’t reveal right out the gate that we were heading just outside of Denali National Park, which was approximately a five-hour drive. Instead, they were able to figure out on their own that it had be Denali National Park, based on the direction I was going. I can’t keep everything a secret! Thankfully though, the linear drive was easy and full of awesome scenery; some of the most stunning scenery I’ve seen on a consistent basis on any given road trip.

The first of the eight extraordinary events won’t begin until the next day, which meant we had plenty of time to stop at will, explore, and soak in our surroundings as much as we could. Alaska is definitely the most beautiful state I have been to thus far.

alaska roadtrip
Just outside of Denali National Park is the town of Healy where our accommodation is located. I booked us Alaskan Spruce Cabins, secluded away from everywhere else nearby, and it was ours for the next couple of nights.

Events #1 and #2 take place the next day. The gang has no idea what’s in store for them!