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Fils de pute d’osti de criss de ta gueule OSTI DE CRISS. If you speak french and know what that means, please let me know. My french-canadian housemate Camille wrote that for my blog. Knowing her, it’s probably inappropriate haha! Oh and also, Tabarnack!! Pomme.

It’s still exam week at Christian David Moravies Primary which means more standing around for me. I haven’t really done any computer training since I’ve been here, but instead have been alternating between teaching, sports development, and child care. I’ve done child care once and it is definitely not my cup of tea. The children there are just too young compared with the ones at the primary. It’s come to a point where the kids at the primary have come to know who I am and are starting to remember my name. A bunch call me Superman because of a shirt I wore one day. There is a certain handful of kids I’ve grown fond of that come running to me everyday to play with them or who simply just want to be around me. Conroy is probably one of my favorite students. He’s the kid that I’m swinging in the picture below.

Teaching Conroy how to fly

On Tuesday, Emily (New York) and I, along with four other volunteers decided not to go to the school and instead go on a wine tour in Stellenbosch. We figured it would be okay since the kids were still taking exams. Better than just standing around. We did a hop on, hop off wine tour around northern Stellenbosch.

The first winery we went to at the Cat Sanctuary in Stellenbosch.

By the way, this is my very first wine tour ever! Our first stop was at a Cat Sanctuary where we saw a few lions, leopards, tigers, and a cheetah. I know, I know; tigers aren’t native in Africa.

These lions were hung over from all the wine

After that, we hopped to five different wineries…or at least everyone else did. I passed out after the third winery and slept in the back of the tour bus all afternoon. Whoops.

Slept like a brick at 4 in the afternoon.

I don’t wanna point any fingers but the combination of motion sickness tablets and wine makes me extra drowsy. The tablets on their own can make you snoozy. There’s no way I would survive Africa without them though. I did however manage to dissect a few different wines. The University of Stellenbosch created a new type of wine popular in South Africa called Pinotage. It is a marriage of Pinot Noir and a specific variety of grape blends. I was not a fan. It had a strong, all of a sudden, woody after-taste.

When we got back, Chris (Michigan) told me that Tim was kinda angry that we didn’t show up to class. It seems that several teachers didnt show up and we were desperately needed for several classes. Another whoops. Tuesday meant it was Brass Bell night for the Rec and Palmer house. It’s the only time of week that everyone from both houses go out as one. Brass Bell is a karaoke bar in Kalk Bay we go to every Tuesday night. I find it to be a great way to wind down and relax with my new Cape Town cohorts. This week, myself along with the other DTR guys had to sing a song from Red Hot Chili Peppers. I don’t remember the song as I rarely heard it before. The girls sang Backstreet Boys I believe. Overall a great night! More to come though! I have to water down these posts a bit, so much information, so little time to write them :).

One of my housemates, Laura (California), with a gigantic bottle of wine.