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The Quest to the Seven Continents

The Quest To The Seven Continents

The Mission: Reach all seven continents in one trip; exploring, adventuring, and challenging myself along the way.


Everything before this was just a test, grooming me for what may possibly be one of the greatest adventures I will ever have. Traveling to all seven continents in one go will be one heck of a heavy task. It’s something my cohorts and comrades in Michigan might deem impossible and understandably so; such a feat requires valuable time and a hefty chunk of money. Willfully, I made the time and the effort on my traveling finances and was able to save up quite a bit. It was relatively easy to get, thanks to the unknowing help of my parents. They may not realize it, but the little things they’ve done for me have helped out a great deal. And now as I write this, I’m preparing to begin the journey around the Earth, to all seven continents on a pursuit to explore, challenge myself, discover new things, and live an epic tale of the modern age that I’ll be able to share with my future kids someday.

This photo was taken in Angkor Wat, on a previous trip backpacking through parts of Southeast Asia (2013).
This photo was taken in Angkor Wat, on a previous trip backpacking through parts of Southeast Asia (2013).

The plan and the order of continents, countries, and things I’ll be doing remains a mystery.

I have some idea of what lies ahead, but nothing is certain. It never is. I’ll be planning everything on my own and will be letting my gut instincts guide me, just as I have for my previous journeys. With a trip of this scale, only a fool would plan everything to the exact detail. I’ve avoided that mistake before and was led to the most unexpected places–like the hike to the largest ice caves in the world or sailing to the best beach I’ve ever been to in my life (so far) or boarding down an active volcano. I’m expecting the unexpected! There’s a map in my head. I just gotta lay it all out.

Speaking of maps, I’ll be using the LiveTrekker app to chart my route from the start of the quest in Michigan to the end (when and wherever that is) for those of you interested in following me. Each time I open the app from a WiFi enabled area, LiveTrekker will automatically map my route through each continent (not so sure about Antarctica though).

For those of you lacking in the geography department, let me remind you what our seven continents are:

  • North America (The Exploring Continent)
  • Australia (The Island Continent)
  • Asia (The Mythical Continent)
  • Africa (The Dark Continent)
  • Europe (The Historic Continent)
  • South America (The Wild Continent)
  • Antarctica (The Frozen Continent)
The seven continents of the world.
The seven continents of the world.

Each continent unique, encompassing amazingly different languages, landscapes, cultures, cuisine, flora, fauna, politics, religions, and everything else in and between—including all the potential dangers and mishaps. How will I pack for all of the different climates? What if I fall horribly ill? Am I underestimating the costs of this trip? How can I pack as light as possible but still have everything I need? How will I manage Antarctica? I’ll figure that one out later.

Even though I’ve already been to five of the seven continents before, the intent is to explore new countries in addition to some old ones to revisit friends along the way while inspiring every single person that reads this to pursue their own adventure. We have the whole world at our fingertips!

As usual, I’ll be making this a solo effort with friends and people I haven’t met yet tagging here and there along the way. I wish I had more to tell you but we shall find out together what happens through this blog site, for better and for worse.

The Quest begins in my home continent of North America, but for now, the waiting game. I still have a lot of preparation to do!