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Sunday Freaking Funday: Pool Crawl

Drink. Drank. Drunk.

Every Sunday here in San Juan Del Sur, one of the most happening of happenings happens–Sunday Funday! Not just any old Sunday Funday, this one is a giant-sized bar/pool crawl! If you stay at the Naked Tiger, it’s practically a must. The fee is $30, but guests at the hostel only pay $15. Luke, Deb, Tyson, Ryan, Lisa, myself, and everyone we met at the hostel and then some others we met since León were all in!

I woke up at eight the morning of, prepped as I could ever be. The night before, I brought up a boatload of water from town (it was a little cheaper there than buying from my hostel) and kept it on my top bunk. That water is going to be essential later. Sober me was doing drunk me a huge favor. I had some breakfast downstairs and a couple of Toña beers to start of the morning. I taught the non-American backpackers how to play corn-hole near the pool a few days ago and ever since we’ve been having some intense games between us. I couldn’t believe they’ve never heard of the game before. Corn-hole is essential for any tailgate in the States.

Once 10:30am hit, the tickets for the Sunday Funday went on sale. A purchase included a wristband and a singlet (tank top) for the occasion. I don’t always wear a singlet, but when I do, it means I’m about to get my drink on and do stupid things. Like I did here, here, and here. It’s the backpacker thing to do I guess.

From now on, it’s nothing but beer. The crawl didn’t start until around 1pm, but since the day was perfect, we began poolside of course.



The plan today was to go to three different bars, all equipped with swimming pools. The Naked Tiger would be the second stop of the three. Once the time came, a shuttle picked us up and took us to the first bar which was located in town. I can’t remember the name of the place but it was packed! It was a pool crawl after all so Alan (UK), another backpacker from Naked Tiger, and I jumped right in and then hit up the bar. By this point I was already feeling it, this early in the game.

The first bar. I don't remember the name of it though...
The first bar. I don’t remember the name of it though…




Alan, Tyson, Ryan, Lisa.
Alan, Tyson, Ryan, Lisa.
We even got tatted up!
We even got tatted up!

I was getting hungry. A few of us dipped out of the bar and walked to the nearby burrito place down the street. I had myself two freakin’ delicious beef burritos. A couple of us thought it would be a good idea to grab some
booze down here since it was much cheaper and then sneak it back to our hostel, since the Naked Tiger was the next stop anyways. And so we did. We bought some rum, some coke and poured that rum into those cokes. We grabbed another shuttle that took us back to the hostel earlier than when we were supposed to. We were the only ones there before the hoard of backpackers arrived on the scene.

Two backpackers Molly and Robina also enjoyed our rum and coke sneak attacks.
Two backpackers Molly and Robina also enjoyed our rum and coke sneak attacks.

Everyone finally arrived wondering where we went. “We just had the munchies!” we would say. Eventually we joined the crowd downstairs who invaded our hostel. Alan and I had a really great time throwing innocent bystanders into the pool. It was a pool crawl after all. I also got thrown in probably a dozen times.




The next and final bar took us back into town to another bar. Before we got on the shuttle I was already almost dead from all the booze and pool throwing. “Did someone lace these drinks with something special?” Still, I wanted to do the whole Sunday Funday and go to every bar no matter what. And the only reason I remember these events is because of my perpetual habit to pull out my phone, take pictures, leave clues, and jot notes for sober Daniel to figure out in the morning.


When we arrived to the last bar, it’s like we teleported because I closed my eyes and when I opened we were there. I had no business going into that third bar which was a club on the beach. I needed food…again. Thankfully, a few of the others regained the same munchie status and were on board for more food. We went back to the burrito place. We also went back to the corner store to buy more cheap booze that we wanted but definitely did not need. For real we didn’t need those. Luke bought a sparkling water thinking it was a beer. Crazy Australian. I do recall, two backpackers from Denmark who never had a burrito before and so I was glad to share in their moment. This was the perfect spot for their very first burrito because these particular burritos were the best! I’d know because I had nine of them since I’ve been in San Juan. That’s no exaggeration folks.

The taste of their very first burrito.
The taste of their very first burrito.

We took a different shuttle back up to the Naked Tiger. There were eight of us total making the short trip to a very sloppy game of spin-the-bottle. No more needs to be said about that. Just like before, with a blink of an eye we were magically teleported back to our hostel and we found the place was empty. Everybody was still at the third bar. Even the bartenders were gone. They left everything out in the open, including their jug of mixed whatever it was sitting on the bar top. Of course we drank some and of course we snuck behind the bar.


Immediately afterwards, all eight of us jumped into the pool near a sleeping Ryan and Lisa who were completely passed out on one of the pool beds. We splashed about, cannonballing, and flipping and throwing each other in. We were pretty loud and obnoxious but no one was around to tell us to shut up. Even Ryan and Lisa laid there completely unconscious to what was going on. They had a rough day. Ryan has been trying to beat the record for fastest guest to take two shots and shot-gun a beer the fastest. After a few tries, he eventually beat the record of 4.50 seconds (or something like that) and had his name placed on the wall behind the bar for everyone to see.

Afterwards I don’t remember anything else. Drunk me didn’t take anymore photos or jot down anymore notes. I woke up the next morning in pain. Not the hangover kind, but physical pain. My legs were sore with gashes on my knees and ankles. What the heck? Did I fall a lot yesterday? My wrists hurt. Probably from throwing people into the pool all day. That was really fun, by the way. I checked the notes on my phone to find a bunch of gibberish that only I could decipher. I checked my wallet to find all my money was gone. I don’t think anyone stole it but rather my intoxicated overly generous self must have spent it all at the bars or probably the burritos. It was a lot of money. I saw all my water bottles were empty which was great because I didn’t feel too bad from a hangover. I really had to pee though. The bathroom in my room was locked from the inside and so I crept downstairs to find people passed out everywhere: the chairs, the hammocks, near the pool, and even on the bar stool. I went to the main restrooms to find the floors were flooded, dead lizards here and there, and crumples of soiled toilet paper all over the place. It was absolutely gross but I had to go. When I walked back into the main area, I found Ryan awake from the little sleep he got the night before. He didn’t hear us splashing around all night, but instead a couple and their special guest next to him woke him up from their “extracurricular” activities. It sounded horrible. Luke and a few others were still passed out when I checked on them. Wonder how they’re feeling? Deb reminded me that I was trying to look for coke (the bad kind) for her and the Jon Snow look-a-like last night. The Danish backpackers in my room slowly rolled out of their bed like zombies. I couldn’t find my swimming trunks.


I’d say Sunday Funday was a success! Let’s move on from San Juan Del Sur shall we?