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The Luxury of Life

To relax and sleep in a luxury hotel, knowing the next day ahead will lead to amazing things, is something quite nice. To come back everyday to a newly cleaned room with fresh linens, new toiletries, and fresh towels is also quite nice. The soft comforters on my bed are always welcoming and the pillows I sink into are hard to leave in the morning. I don’t like when the room service rings my doorbell in the morning, waking me up, so I press the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button near the hallway so they know to stay away. It’s hard to get up from some of the best sleep I’ve gotten in months, but the fact that the breakfast buffet is waiting for me and we have a whole day worth of exciting activities in store is all the more reason to get my lazy carcass out of bed! We immediately headed downstairs before the time slot for breakfast expired.

Afterwards, we came back up to the room to formulate a game plan for the day. We both still really wanted to go jet skiing, so we searched the web for places nearby where we could accomplish this feat. We found a jet skiing site in a city close by, just outside of Dubai called Sharjah. Let’s go there! Sharjah wasn’t too long of a drive away. We made it pretty quick and our cab pulled up to a marina that lined up to the city scape. Along the shore, there was a legion of jet skis of all shapes and sizes along the beach. We went to one of the rental companies and each got our own jet. I had a yellow and white one while Chris had a gray and white one. We had the jets for a whole hour!


I wore my GoPro and sped across the marina filming everything. Later on, I swapped the camera to Chris. There would be points where we would try and cut each other off with our skis and splash one another in the process! The backdrop of the marina was pretty cool; teams of skyscrapers along the beach with the sun burning high in the sky.


We grew a tad bored of jet skiing in circles and decided to spice things up a bit. I challenged Chris to do a backflip off of his jet while it was moving and I would capture it on camera. He rose to the challenge so we got in position for it. I turned off my jet and stayed in one spot while Chris rode pass and flipped off his ski! But, as he did this it looked like his head hit the back of his jet and all I heard was a loud “thud”!


He popped back up out of the water and it turns out he bashed his knee and not his head. He cut himself up pretty badly and was bleeding all down his leg. He lost his key to the jet in the process. I rode back to the rental company and asked for another key. They charged us 200 dirhams for another key just like I expected. They warned us before riding that a lost key would cost us 200 dirhams which equals to about $60. Anyways, I gave the key to Chris and we rode back to the shore. Our time was up and we wanted to get back to Auris.



After Chris bandaged himself up, we went to the Mall of Emirates for a quick lunch. We managed to find another food court on the opposite side of the mall. We opted for Mexican food this time and I found myself ordering up tasty tacos. Afterwards we went back to Auris and lounged around. We went up to the pool to play around with my GoPro under water and came up with some really cool and creative footage! We may eventually put some of it on YouTube in the future!

We knew that we would want to spend our last night in Dubai going all out and a good way to do that is by going to an extremely nice restaurant in our best clothes. I didn’t have anything great on me but a polo shirt and some dress pants with gym shoes! It did the trick though. We went to a pretty nice looking Lebanese restaurant in the mall and had a whole sofa booth to ourselves! I completely expected to order up a bottle of wine but it turns out that this restaurant didn’t serve alcohol, which didn’t surprise me. I tried to order drinks at Auris a couple of nights ago but they too didn’t serve any alcohol, just ‘mocktails’. Anyways, we started off with hummus and I LOVE hummus! It came with a very light, warm, and hollow type of bread. Also with olives. All the bread we’ve been getting in Dubai gets served with olives. For my entree, I ordered up a filet dish of some sort. I’m not exactly sure because it was in arabic. When the waiter delivered my entree it was nothing like I expected. I expected a piece of filet but instead it looked more like fancy canned dog food. I still ate it and it was still pretty good! Chris’ food looked like the meat pattys you put on White Castle sliders except a tiny bit bigger but his was also still pretty good. It was Lebanese and different from anything we were used to. We came in with an open mind and got a really great meal!



The desserts we had at the end of the meal made everything perfect. I enjoyed a banana split while Chris had a german chocolate cake. The german chocolate cake here was nothing like we have back at home but it still tasted pretty good.

Once we got back to Auris, we went back up to the rooftop and had ourselves another shisha, but this time it was apple flavored by suggestion of the staff. Last time it was a grape mint flavor. It was a great end to a luxurious three days here in Dubai. I was going to miss my soft, big, cozy bed most of all! Dubai has been wonderful (and expensive) but worth every penny. I already plan on coming back here to relive the life of luxury again one day soon. But next time I think I will convince my friends from home to join me for the next trip out here. It was a little sad to be leaving paradise, but also bittersweet. What’s great was that the next day, we would be headed to Morocco! But what sucked was the time we would be leaving…5 am in the morning! We didn’t really go to bed early either so this journey to Morocco was going to be a drag, but I’m sure the effort would be worth the price!