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When I Was Happily Forced On An Island Getaway in Mozambique

No need to twist my arm!

Thanks to all of my diligent efforts, my Workaway host, Julia, sent me off with six other of her lodge guests to a small island just off of the coast of Pemba. It was part of Cabo Delgado, and this was my island getaway, which cost me nothing. Thanks, Julia!

My squad consisted of a young German couple, two girls from England, and a cool Israeli couple on their honeymoon. I got along effortlessly with all of them over the last few days at the lodge.

I chilled out with them the night prior to a bonfire Julia had made on the beach.


Early in the morning, two taxis picked us up from the resort lodge and drove about 40 minutes to another part of the coastline. We were prompted to walk out to the beach where a small boat would charter us about 20 minutes to a small island. Julia refers to this beach as “Poop Beach” because the locals tend to poop there and bury their goods in the sand.


It was a perfect day! The fresh air was crisp, yet salty from the sea breeze and the sun gently lavished the horizon. On the way to the island, we saw a humpback whale or two breaching in the distance. Soon, we docked at the island and was greeted by a welcoming French woman who owned the lodge properties.


We made ourselves at home and soon summoned us to a delicious breakfast at her outdoor restaurant.


A few of her staff took us out on the boat all afternoon for some snorkeling. No photos because I’m a dunce who forgot to put a new memory card into my GoPro.

Back on the island, our lunch that we preordered was ready. Most of the guests ordered fish, whereas I had the beef kabob.


The lodge’s resident dog escorted us on a short trek to the other side of the island to a beach where there were no other people but the seven of us.


Skittish white crabs were all over the shoreline, getting battered by the oncoming tides. They would quickly disappear into the water or the sand as we approached them. None of us were prepared to go back into the water, so we just took it easy on the beach.




Our dog led us back to the lodge where we took a boat back to the mainland—back to Poop Beach and then Julia’s lodge.



The guests I spent the day with were great, but it was short-lived as they all had scheduled to leave Pemba, while I stayed behind to finish out my Workaway. Although technically, I was working, I never felt like I was doing any hard labor. It was impossible not to enjoy, considering the beach setting, the warm weather, and the excellent food.



This photo isn’t from the lodge. It’s from another hotel resort Julia treated me to before my time in Mozambique was up!

I only set my time for a month in Mozambique before I moved to South Africa. It was all my visa was allowed for and I had made prior arrangements to meet up with friends later. Without those circumstances, I would have definitely extended my stay there in Pemba, helping out Julia with the kids, the homeschooling, and the lodge. It’s been a month since I arrived and poor Adam was STILL being held in jail against his will. We all thought that he would be out sooner but that wasn’t the case. Speaking of, the case of who murdered the expat was nowhere close to being solved and slowly progressed into a high-profile investigation within the community. Until this point, it was unheard of for expats to be held as prisoners without evidence. The whole community knew about Adam. It was madness.

My Workaway experience included lodging and food at Julia’s abode. But, if I ordered food at the restaurant, I would get a 25% discount. I racked up a big bill by the end of it, in which Julia told me not to pay because I’ve been a big help. So nice of her!

When I left Mozambique, Adam was still being held. Julia had to come up with money to bribe the judge to set his bail at a reasonable amount. It’s the corrupted way things work there in Mozambique. I received a Whatsapp later from Julia stating Alex was finally released, along with an emotional video of him reuniting with his two toddlers.

It made my day.

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