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Chocolate Wasted!

Today is the day. It’s Friday, July 5th; the first Friday of the month. Do you know what that means? It means ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM!!!!!! Not just any ice cream, fresh homemade gourmet style ice cream! On the first Friday of every month at Fanny’s, patrons can eat as much ice cream as they can from 6-11pm for only $8!

A few of us volunteers decided to make a night out of it. I also decided to invite Duc, one of my students I had in a class about a week ago. Duc is studying to become a top chef and even scored a scholarship to continue his studies in Luxemburg this August. Duc picked me up and we took a ride on his motorbike Friday evening to Fanny’s Gourmet Ice Cream Shop. We arrived about a half hour early to ensure that we had enough seats for everyone. We purchased our tickets as we anxiously waited for the clock to wind down. I was filled with anticipation and excitement! My goal was to try every single flavor Fanny had to offer.


Lucy and Addie, in the battle arena. This is where everything took place!

There were just over thirty different flavors of ice cream. No flavors too obscure or “out there”, but rather classic flavors like cinnamon, macademia, and mint chocolate chip. Lot’s of other different chocolate flavors as well such as cookies and cream, chocolate fudge, and chocolate raspberry.

So many flavors! Will I be able to go through all of them???
So many flavors! Will I be able to go through all of them???

We all decided that since we had five hours to eat ice cream, that we should take our time. I found that to be mighty hard when not only was there tons of delicious ice cream, but also a monstrosity of toppings! Chocolate fudge, wafers, gummi fruits, peanuts, sprinkles, fresh fruits, caramel, whipped cream, and so much more. There were even little helpings of alcohol to liven things up.


The clock struck six and it was finally time to begin! I didn’t know how big the scoops would be, but I was pleased to find out that three scoops could fit into one bowl. This would eliminate several trips and I can kill three birds with one stone. Instead of trying to combine the perfect three flavors to go together, I decided to just go in order of placement, with whatever three just so happened to be next to each other. Sometimes I would get great combinations like cinammon, vanilla, and mocha. But most of the time I would get dodgy medleys like mango, cherry, and coffee flavored which didn’t taste so well together. However, the different assortment of toppings I was able to conjure up helped out immensely. Chocolate fudge does wonders!


I barely paid attention to the other’s in my group, as I was focused on the task at hand. The strategy of “taking my time” flew out the window. It was just too good to take my time. I wanted to eat all the ice creams.

Coconut, chocolate, and mocha flavors with pineapple and peach toppings. Covered with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.
Strawberry, tuttie frutti, and mocha with hot fudge, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and sprinkles.
The wafer’s were heavy so I tried to avoid them as much as possible but sometimes I couldn’t help myself.

These are just three of the servings I helped myself too. Some didn’t work so well. Green tea was the absolute worst! Cinammon was a welcome surprise and ended up being one of my favorites. Duc would agree. Even though some of the girls wanted to give up, some of them went through and got themselves more helpings. Soon later on, two of the newer volunteers, Will and Tian, joined in on the fun!

Myself, Tian, and Will in the midst of the crowd.

Things got a bit ridiculous. It was barely an hour in and we were starting to throw in the towel. I kept at it with all my might, even switching over to one scoop at a time via waffle cones.

Yet I still wanted to eat Lucys ice cream.
When I started making a mess, Lucy cleaned me up. This was when I knew that I had the perfect traveling companion.

Almost two hours in and I managed to eat over thirty scoops of ice cream. More importantly, I tried every single flavor Fanny had to over. Lucy was in shock over the feat. I was still hungry, but for real food. Like meat. I don’t know how we were all able to go and eat Burger King right after haha!

What an awesome day!