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Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico: Where Am I?

What the fuuhhhh?!?

When I told some friends at home that I was going to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) taking place here in Mexico, they all came at me with similar responses:

“OMG who are you lmao”

“Riiiigghhhtttt. Ur gonna be on drugs too Dannyboy?”

“Gone for eight months and this happens? Lol”


You get the point? Electrohousetrance dubstep whatever music is not my forté. I don’t dislike it. As a matter of fact there are a couple of songs from the trippy genre that I do like, but for the most part, it’s not my thing. I’ve only been to two concerts in my life and both of them were by accident. When Sam notioned the idea of going to EDC for two days, I was actually excited for it. It’s something new. It’s something different. And will be the perfect way to cap off the end of this trip.

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