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Zan Aqua

You know those expensive resorts with pristine beaches and palm trees and coconuts you see on commercials and in magazines? Those places you know that cost an arm and a leg and is on everyone’s to-do wish list? This place is one of those. I’ve never stayed anywhere like it!

Our hotel is called “Amaan Bungalows”, a posh resort with an infinity pool that lights up at night, beach-side restaurants, and an array of different excursions laid throughout the amenities. How were we able to catch such a nice place? It just so happens that Lana’s friend’s dad is part owner of the hotel and was able to give us a massive discount on rooms. We saved hundreds of dollars on costs thanks to her hook up!





The beaches were the best I have ever seen! Crystal clear blue waters that were warmer than any beach I’ve ever been in. White washed sand that was compacted tightly into the ground. In the water, were dozens of aged sail boats made of wood. In the background, I could hear Bob Marley tunes playing in nearby beach bars and cabanas. This was absolute paradise. I almost contemplated on just staying here in Zanzibar for the rest of my stay in Africa until I get back to the States. Almost…

What to do on our first couple of days? Water sports!

There is a truck load of water sports to partake in. To start, we went on a banana boat!


For those not sure what a banana boat it is, it’s a huge, long yellow tube that sits up to 8 riders. The idea is to hold on for as long as possible as a speed boat pulls you along turning sharply to get you to fall over. I fell in a couple times. Not as much as Nick though haha! No matter where he sat, he just always fell in the water.


Next we went fly fishing. Not actual fishing, the name of the raft is called a fly fisher. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.



Later on, Nick and I went para-sailing. I was lifted 200 feet into the evening sky! I could see a good chunk of the island from up there and below me I could see shadows of huge fish in the water. It wasn’t long before the boat driver decided to reel me in and dip me into the ocean. No matter, it was warm :).


During the day we would all hit up the beach and swim out to sea. There weren’t any waves pulling us in our anything. A vast difference from the beaches in Muizenberg, where the waves were nonstop. The only thing we had to watch out for here in Z were sea urchins. One thing I’m not fond of is laying out on the beach in the sun, or laying out anywhere for that matter. The others did this a lot to tan up. I obviously, don’t ever need to tan so I always took that time to enjoy nice naps back in my hotel room. Besides that there were tons to do on the beach. We played a few intense games of beach volleyball, built pyramids, played extreme spoons on the beach, and became monkeys :).



The night scene on Z was alive as well. There are tons of restaurants and beach-side bars to visit. My favorite restaurant was the Langi Langi. They let you bring in your own booze! That’s all we needed to know. Needless to say, we had a great time every time we went there :).


We had no agenda in Zanzibar. No alarm clocks. No bed time. No worries. We did whatever we felt like doing at the moment. It was the perfect plan to the perfect vacation. It felt great after being on Kilimanjaro just a few days ago.


Tomorrow Nick, Lana, and I would begin our training for scuba diving! 🙂