A Shark Tale

About one week until I leave to South Africa! Here’s the (little) information I’ve gathered from the many emails sent from the project coordinators.

I will be living in a suburb of Cape Town called Muizenberg, a sea-side town that is a popular surfing spot. Apparently, the waters here are much warmer than many nearby coasts. I was told to be careful when I go into the ocean. Here’s a little story for you. I read an article about a month ago where an up and coming surfer was “ripped apart” by a Great White Shark recently. I don’t remember his name but supposedly there was a film crew shooting a documentary about Great Whites and they used a whole lot of chum to attract the sharks to their location. When the crew left Muizenberg waters after completion of filming, some of the sharks lingered in the area for a few days and attacked and killed the pro surfer. I’ve also read reports of recent great white attacks in Cape Town. I guess it happens. Not too often, but it does. Just sounds like I will have to be extremely cautious when going into the deep waters. Whales freak me out waaayyy more! If I saw one, I think I would instantly faint. They’re just…so…big…

These don’t scare me as much as a whale does.

Enough about the sharks and whales for now. What’s more important is my main intent in SA. Although I’ll be living in Muizenberg, it’s stated that I will be teaching in the Vrygrond Community which is nearby. With my background in Communication Technology, I was asked if I could teach basic computer skills to the local students there. I gladly accepted. The only drawback is that I would only be able to teach until mid June. Afterwards the kids enjoy a long break from school which means eventually I will have to switch my placement. To what? I won’t know until I get there. I don’t know any specific details like the name of the school I’ll be at, addresses, or anything yet. Nada.

Iviwe Sixolo and Tim Murray are my main project coordinators and are my contacts while I’m there. I have no idea what it is they do exactly but they are the ones who have been in touch with me while I prepare for my trip. Iviwe (I don’t know you pronounce that. I don’t even know if Iviwe is a male or female haha) told me that I would be living in a volunteer house with a whole crop of other volunteers. I wanted to live in a homestay but the bright side of this is there will always be someone around to hang out with (hopefully). Usually whenever I’m abroad I stay with a host family which is what I preferred. But I’ll make the best of it!

Muizenberg, Western Cape, South Africa

One Month Until I Embark

It’s May 1st, officially ONE MONTH until I fly to South Africa! Am I nervous? Not really. If anything I’m most nervous about the 25+ hour flight, spanning three different continents that I have to go on.

I have two ultimate goals while I’m in Africa. My first one is to find a Honey Badger.

My 2nd goal is to find Pride Rock and re-enact this scene:

I of course will be playing Rafiki. I just have to find/steal a lion cub that will let me do this. Shouldn’t be too hard…

I have no idea of what’s in store for me. What kind of people I will meet? Will the kids like me? What exactly will I be doing? Where will I be sleeping? I do know the name of the town I am supposed to live in while I am in South Africa. It’s called Muizenberg, a township of Cape Town. I am not sure if I’m living with a host family or in a volunteer house. Thumbs crossed for a host family! But this is pretty much all I know.

One more month friends.

P.S. Click on the Prologue link above to find out why I’m going to Africa.

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