About The Author

“I always knew I wanted to explore the world. It was just figuring out how to make that happen.”

Hello world! My name is Daniel.


I run this blog as a way to inspire others to travel around the world!

I realized my curiosity to see the world back when I was about six years old. I was just a small boy in my home in the suburbs of Detroit, engrossed in a children’s television program about the Amazon rain forest. Fascinated with all the lush green, exotic wildlife, and folklore, it was then that I knew I wanted to explore the world someday when I grew up. And as I grew older, Indiana Jones and his escapades and my growing interest about our Earth solidified the fact that I wanted to cross the continents and get into wild adventures too! That’s the plain and simple truth. It’s a secret I never really shared with anyone, thinking how impossible it seemed until I began to make it happen. Soon enough, I took my very first solo trip to Costa Rica a few years ago to help rescue sea turtles along the western coast of the country.

It was then that the travel bug I had metamorphosed into a travel monster!

I didn’t want to do the typical tour and all inclusive hotel thing (though there’s nothing wrong with that). I didn’t want to be a typical vacation traveler. Somehow, I wanted to immerse myself in the cultures of the countries and actually learn a thing or two and one of the best ways I found is by lending my time helping out in developing countries and backpacking through foreign regions with no purpose other than to find what the world has to offer. Through this, I have been able to create a vast and growing network of friends and contacts from all over the globe, which enables me to experience things the typical traveler would never experience. I don’t like being called a tourist. I’m more of an adventurist. I don’t always follow the rules. A photojournalist, even. I’ll do what I can to take capture incomparable photos that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the net.1383125_10151817483298411_1221217609_n

What started as a simple blog to keep my friends and family informed, evolved into my electronic pride and joy; something I love sharing with everyone worldwide. I like to get my hands dirty! And there is no better way than to dive head first into the realms  of the unknown. There really is no place I won’t find the least bit interesting. So follow along as I wander into unfamiliar territory, lend a helping hand, and leisurely attempt to complete my personal ATLAS across the globe.

My ultimate purpose is that this blog gives you the inspiration to go and explore the world too. Even if you are thinking about it just a little bit-the world is way too big to stay in one place!


Adventure Born formerly Sellers Abroad


18 thoughts on “About The Author”

  1. I love your presentation! I’ve never read a presentation that tells a touching and inspiring story like that. Your blog is a great inspiration. I’ll sign up 🙂


  2. Hey Sellers! Awesome blog! From where exactly in Metro Detroit are you? I’m living in Detroit right now and loving it (originally from Waterford). I’m preparing for my next trip to Egypt in a month. Check out my blog. 🙂 Hope you enjoy and I hope to connect! Find me on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like too!


    1. Hi Hannah!

      Nice of you to write. I’m originally from Detroit but now live in the suburbs of the area. Not too far from Waterford actually. Egypt eh? I haven’t been there but it’s on my to-do list. What are you going to be doing over there for a whole month? I’ll definitely check out your blog to find out more!


  3. Enjoy your trips! I posted last week about Siem Reap and Hanoi. I have posted in the past about Indonesia and Thailand, too. I’m older than you, with a husband and two kids, but all four of us love to travel, so it’s great fun to do it together. I look forward to reading about your adventures.


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