Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico: Where Am I?

What the fuuhhhh?!?

When I told some friends at home that I was going to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) taking place here in Mexico, they all came at me with similar responses:

“OMG who are you lmao”

“Riiiigghhhtttt. Ur gonna be on drugs too Dannyboy?”

“Gone for eight months and this happens? Lol”


You get the point? Electrohousetrance dubstep whatever music is not my forté. I don’t dislike it. As a matter of fact there are a couple of songs from the trippy genre that I do like, but for the most part, it’s not my thing. I’ve only been to two concerts in my life and both of them were by accident. When Sam notioned the idea of going to EDC for two days, I was actually excited for it. It’s something new. It’s something different. And will be the perfect way to cap off the end of this trip.

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest electro festivals in the world.


Sam and two of his friends, Tom and Carlos, would also be going. All of them have been to festivals like these numerous times and could hardly believe I’ve never done this before. We left straight from the school, to a quick party, and to Tom’s house where a taxi picked us up and took us to the epicenter of Mexico City where EDC took place. My preconceived notions of what EDC was equaled: a giant stage with lots of drunk/high/drugged up twenty-something year olds going absolutely bananas to a DJ who’s good at pressing buttons. 

The festival took place over two days. We got there around 8pm the first night at the humongous venue which has been used as an Indy 500 course. Lots of people were painted with bright neon colors with clothes similar to what my Thailand crew and I wore at the Full Moon party a year and a half ago. Even from the entrance, the ground trembled from the bass in the distance and already, the air smelled of weed. We walked for ages along the race track to the actual park area where low and behold, there was an actual carnival complete with rides and food stalls! Didn’t expect that. I also didn’t expect there to be four separate stages with a DJ switching every hour or so. We grabbed a list of the DJ’s perfoming and out of the 70+ DJ’s on the list, I was only familiar with two of them: Tiësto and David Guetta, but they would be playing tomorrow night. I actually had a few of their songs on my ipod, so I was happy for that.


This was the second largest stage.


My friends at home know too well that I won’t dance. My feet are cemented to the floor beneath me…unless I’m drunk. I considered tonight the introductory before tomorrow night, so we’ll just get a couple of beers. We threw those plans out the window real quick! Each beer was actually two beers in one giant cup. We each took turns buying a round of beers for everyone; it was easier that way. The more we drank the more our limbs began to move on their own to the heart pounding beats of the music. We went from stage to stage, each more elaborate than the one before. The main stage was the grandest of them all! It was the size of a city with two giant owls towering over everything. Everytime the “beat dropped” the crowd would go insane! Even though the music was intense, I still went nuts because it was dark and no one could see me being a complete idiot! The main headliner this night was a guy called Jack Ü. It was actually a two man duo and one of them looked like Skrillex. It wasn’t until the next morning when Sam revealed to me that it was Skrillex. Jack Ü put on a great show!

I walked back to the entrance with a new feeling of intensity. Now that I knew what to expect the next day, I wanted to go all out! On the way out, I bought some neon paint for tomorrow and kept some unused glowsticks in my pocket that I got earlier. I was already excited about this! Sam and Tom were both hammered on the walk. I passed out in the taxi cab home.

The next morning, I felt great. Sam, not so much. I got a torta for brunch while we waited for Tom and Carlos to come by for a little pregaming. Afterwards, we took a cab back to the EDC venue, but this time a little earlier in the evening than the previous night. I got my ticket and immediately we went to find some food and painted ourselves afterwards.

We boosted up with more Dos Equis Amber Ales in those giant sized cups we kept in stacks.


Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, doing work!

We kept the cups for good reasons, which I’ll explain in a bit. At a quick visit to one of the many portapotties (sp?), a short Mexican muchacha with blood red hair stopped me. She was drunk, lost, and had no idea where the heck she was. She was separated from her friend and needed to find her way back to the main stage. Luck would have it that the guys and I were on our way there! We walked over to the main stage where Tiësto was about to perform. I wanted to get as close as possible. So close that I wanted to get electrocuted, feel the fire from the flames, and drenched in the water from the fountains that burst into the air when the “beat drop”. The little Mexican muchacha ( I forget her name) led us to her group of friends. She introduced me as her savior, which really I kinda was. That tiny muchacha would have ended up in the forest somewhere on her own.

We weren’t as close to the stage as I wanted to be but I was happy to be where I was with such a fun group of people–friends and strangers alike!

By the way, my once clean navy blue shirt was absolutely destroyed with random splats of neon paint at this point. It actually looked pretty cool.


Tiësto did a great job of pumping up the crowd (even though he didn’t play a single song I was familiar with). To describe the energy at an electronic music fest such as this one would be like trying to describe a rave that took place on Neptune. Confetti, streamers, bubbles, and balloon balls were constantly flying in the air. Jets of fire burst out of the stage and pumps of water spurt near the DJ’s. People held “Twerk Zone” signs, Spongebob Squarepants signs, and a giant glowing octopus that gave the illusion of crawling on the crowds heads. The cramped air smelled of marijuana, beer, and neon paint. Every so often, a brief array of fireworks exploded in the air just above the giant owl heads.

A sea of hands and glowsticks galore were pumping in the air and dozens of girls were sitting on shoulders blocking views of the people directly behind them. Tom and I took this opportunity to teach them a lesson. We’d take turns launching one of the sturdy beer cups at the girls heads. The best part was that no one knew it was us because there were so many people and it was so dark and a lot of crazy going on. This was probably one of the highlights of the carnival. It was completely immature but diabolically hilarious all at the same time. Those girls never saw it coming!

David Guetta came on stage, the main act of the whole carnival and the crowd went pineapples. I looked behind me and jumped up and saw the crowd expanded way further than it was even an hour ago.

Guetta only played a couple of songs I knew, but still the crowd enjoyed it! We all enjoyed it.


So glad we were in the Twerk Zone. There’s no place I’d rather be.


I don’t remember where I got the teddy bear hat from…

The show ended just a few minutes after 2am. My group walked among the flood of attendees back to the main gate. We were hungray and found burgers that took forever to make while I passed out on the side of the street like a hobo, until Sam woke me up and handed me that glorious burger. We squeezed into a taxi and when I opened my eyes, we were home already!

Sam only got two hours of sleep before he had to wake up to teach at the Green Gates. I on the other hand got to sleep in and it felt great. This would be my last day in Mexico City, so I took the opportunity to repack my bags, catch up on blogging, and have myself another delicious torta. When Sam came back, we met up with Katie one last time at a restaurant down the road.


Sam, Katie, and me.


I had to hand it to Sam. “Mi casa es su casa”, is what he said to me when I first arrived. I would never have gone to an electrocution festival if it weren’t for his suggestion. It was a blast! Would I do it again? Maybe, but I’d have to go balls to the wall again in order to enjoy it fully. I think my friends at home would pay good money to see that ultra rare side of me.

I said my goodbyes to Sam and Katie as they escorted me to a taxi that would take me to the bus station. Mexico was a nice stop but I had to continue this freakishly long road trip back to Michigan. I’m in for it.

Two more posts left!

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