The Last Loco

I’m an American celebrating Australia Day in Guatemala…

With my teaching duties over and just a few days left in Antigua, I wanted to relax, get myself together for the next phase, and go nuts! Australia Day was coming and the Aussie volunteers and expats wanted to celebrate. “What exactly is Australia day?” I asked. “It’s the day when the Brits invaded Australia and told the Aboriginals to get the F out”, exclaimed Hanni. Whatever the reason, I was down to clown!

While Lincoln and Hayden had intentions of joining their student group for dinner that night, Nic decided to rebel and take part in Australia Day. It was his last full day in Antigua, so he wanted to go all out. He and I joined forces along with our local friend Evelyn, and went bar hopping in random places around the main center of town. We began rather early in the day.


Around 6:30pm, the three of us headed to the main site for Australia Day, the Jungle Party Hostel, where our friend Carina was able to hook us up with special bracelets that gave us access to free Wombat Puss Punch (it’s as bad as it sounds). Other volunteers from my house and Shekina met us there.


It was a giant sized Australia Day party that failed to live up to what Australia actually is (according to all the Aussie volunteers). I wouldn’t know yet.

We’ve been drinking all day long. You can tell by the fact that none of us could keep our eyes open whenever our pictures were taken.


We should have stopped there but instead we went to Monoloco one last time afterwards. I have to say, the walk home back to Olga’s was the best walk I’ve had back to Olga’s. Nic and Alex were completely gone! Alex decided to take her flip-flops off walking down the street.

“Alex” I said, “Put your shoes back on. There’s broken glass all over the street!”

“But it’s so sparkly!” she responded with a childlike grin.

She never put her flip-flops back on and somehow made it back unscathed, except for a blood gushing cut that happened way above her foot. How did that get there?

Meanwhile, Nic was stumbling all over the place and somehow broke the locks on his keychain and probably left a dent into some guys truck he fell into. He said he wanted to get completely loco today and I’d say he accomplished that, for the mere fact that he didn’t remember anything the next morning! Me on the other hand? I’d say those multiple stops at Burger King throughout the night absorbed any amount of alcohol I had. I ate about four double cheeseburgers in total. Plus, drinking a gallon of water right before I went to bed was the smartest move of the day. I felt about a 90% the next morning. So good, that I was able to watch some of the parade in main Antigua.


The next morning, I said goodbye to the Hoosiers (Though I have a strong feeling that I will see them again). They had to go to a nearby resort with the rest of their classmates before they headed back to freezing cold Indiana on Wednesday. Long after he had already left, I got a text from Nic saying he forgot his passport and his wallet. Fortunately, I was able to get them back to him before he left for the airport.

On my last full day in Antigua, I went back to my school and surprised my former students who had no idea I would pop up so soon. I took the middle class out for ice cream!


I went back home to Olga’s and enjoyed my last dinner there: empanadas, refried beans, guacamole, and bread. There was plenty and it filled me up! I went to Monoloco one last time with some friends I had made there and called it an early night. I still had to pack my things for my departure early in the morning to El Salvador. At this point, I was mentally prepared to go. I’ve been here for almost seven straight weeks and am ready to start exploring new countries and meeting new people!

The next phase of this trip begins as I enter backpacker mode, backpacking my way down and up Central America for a few weeks! As for what happens there, your guess is as good as mine.

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