River Raiders

I am a Pisces. The symbol for the Pisces are two fish, which symbolizes adeptness in water. I’m not into that astrological mumbo jumbo but my sign hits the nail right on the head. I love the water and the deeper the better! Even though Austria is landlocked, it’s still riddled with plots of water: lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, all dwelling from the Alps spread throughout the country. I never scuba dived in fresh water before, only in the ocean. I wouldn’t mind it here though, the lakes and rivers were practically crystal clear and clean! There’s a law here on these lakes; no unauthorized motorized water transportation, as it will disturb the peace.

Kevin had to work today, so Alex swooped in to show me around his parents lake house. It’s a snug little place perched right on the edge of the lake in Mondsee. It’s the perfect spot to have a few friends over for a great night on the water.



Along the deck, an army of spiders everywhere. They were really cool looking; not ugly at all. In fact, I’m a big fan of those little guys.


Kevin, Alex, and I planned on going river diving in one of the numerous rivers nearby. The place we went to had us put on layers of water gear, including water gloves, and a hood to cover our heads. It’s more stuff than I’d ever put on before when diving. We walked with a small group about a hundred meters to a river graced with smaller waterfalls and all sorts of marine critters. This was our scenic setting for the river dive.



In order to access the river, we had to leap about four meters off a small cliff. I didn’t have a proper attachment for my GoPro, so I tuck it inside my wetsuit and dove into the river, right behind Kevin. I couldn’t feel the temperature of the water just yet because I was covered in layers of thick swimming gear. It was deep in some areas and shallow in others, but you could always see the floor and everything around you. I retrieved my GoPro from my suit and took action!





The water was cool and clear. We weren’t scuba diving, but instead had snorkels. We’d dive deep into the water with our snorkel and float near the surface in the shallow parts. It was a whole lot of fun and the perfect substitution for actual scuba diving. What a blast!






Krimml Waterfalls (Krimmler Wasserfälle)

Later on, Kevin and I drove about three hours out to one of the tallest waterfalls in all of Austria. I must mention that Kevin has been a trooper with driving me everywhere, just to show me the best of the best around! The drive to the waterfall was a little longer but worth it.




As with all of my hikes as of late, this one was also a windy zig zag up to the very top of the falls. The falls are 380 meters high (1,247 feet) and ice cold. It was an easy day of waterfalls and hiking up, up, and more up.


There is a small town nearby that is so great that there is a place in China that replicated it almost completely the same! It’s this place here…


There’s not much to do here. It’s just a nice place where old people can relax.


My last couple of days in Austria were winding down. Its been 10 days of enjoyable outdoor activities. I was spoiled with more mountains and lakes than I could handle in one small period and I loved every moment of it. On my last full night, Kevin wanted to take me to an Augustiner Bräu in Salzburg.

“What is this place?” I asked Kevin.

“It’s a cool place,” he would say in his Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

It was a beer tent with big tables and one liter beer mugs just like in Oktoberfest. Not again. Not another beerfest?! I checked myself out like a week ago. But it was my last night, so I had one liter with Kevin and his buddies.


Then I called it quits. No more booze for me for awhile. My liver was put to more work in Europe than ever in my life in such a long period of time. Water became my new best friend.

I gotta hand it to Kevin and Alex. They showed me A LOT! They were the superb hosts and made sure my stay was perfect…and it was! Kevin’s folks also spoiled me rotten. They even folded all my clothes after washing and drying them!


I enjoyed Austria. I’d probably say it is one of my favorite countries in Europe and maybe even overall. The five-star scenery just never ended.

I said my goodbyes and took a blablacar back up to Munich. I spent the night at German Kevin’s place and had dinner with him, his girlfriend Nicole, his roommate Guiren, and also Miriam! The next day I had to catch a flight out of Europe to my next continent of interest.

Thank you to all my Euro friends who hosted me and met up with me. My stay in Europe was cheap (comparatively to most backpackers who travel Europe) and amazing!

I set off to Asia to start a new chapter in this global escapade beginning with a quick stop back to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! 🙂

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