With three out of nine events down, a new day in Vegas meant I had two more events planned out. Naturally, the others speculated and wondered exactly what events #4 and #5 would be, but I stayed tight lipped, only letting them know what our attire should require. We spent most of the afternoon lounging, eating, and swimming at our pool. We had comps for the buffet at Aria which we had to scarf down and eat in order not to be late for the next event which was…

Event #4 KA (Cirque Du Soleil)


Cirque Du Soleil is a world renowned troupe of performers displaying feats of magic-like acrobatics amongst dramatic story-telling sets and stages. There are a variety of Cirque shows featured prominently in Vegas. I’ve been to one a couple years ago, Viva Elvis!, and found it to be surprisingly amazing! I got us all tickets to a Cirque show called KA which is more story based. It also looks like some sort of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon stuff which sold me! (I really wanted to see the Michael Jackson One, but they were on their vacation week :(. )

I told everyone to dress up in their fancy attire and soon we took a cab from the Aria over to the MGM. Finding the entrance to KA required a stroll through the maze-like casino. Once we found it, we were greeted by people dressed like…elves…or something that helped us get our tickets in order!



It’s something the others always had an interest in seeing, and I knew beforehand how great it would be. The stage alone was so mobile and interactive!


Basically, it’s a tale about brother and sister twins who become separated after their village is attacked by evil barbarians. Soon the audience is propelled into a quest watching the lost twins eventually reunite and seek justice against the tyranny. Out of respect to the production, we weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos, but believe me when I say you should see at least one of these shows!


Once the show was over, I informed the others that the next event is immediately after. They were left in the MGM, wondering what the heck was going on, per usual!


We had to wait for my friend Ike to pick us up. One of the things you have to experience while in Vegas is the Old Vegas, otherwise known as Freemont Street!

Event #5 Old Vegas Strip (Zipline)

I didn’t want them to just see classic Vegas but to also zipline across it! We got our ticket bracelets for the excursion, but we still had time to kill beforehand. So we went over to the The D casino and had ourselves some classic Detroit styled American Coney Island coney dogs. Afterwards we gambled a little, (I lost but not much) and then it was time to zip across the Old Vegas strip!




We were placed in harnesses and were told that we couldn’t have anything loose on our person, but I just had to get a video! I hid phone in my shirt pocket and when it was time for take off, I secretly poked it out of my shirt and took a nice clip.


We closed out the night by meeting up with some of our Irish friends whom we met on the shuttle bus to Vegas the previous day!


Speaking of which, this night would be our last full night in Las Vegas. Chris, Veronica, and I would be leaving to San Diego, California to spend a few days there and continue the rest of the events. Jamie would join us later, as his flight was hours later. Chris and Jamie knew about our trip to San Diego, but Veronica was left in the dark until we arrived to the airport! She assumed we were going back home to Michigan. Not in the slightest bit! I have some pretty special things planned for our continuation in the jewel of California… a place called La Jolla, San Diego!


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