The Unplanned Plan

Never have I felt more like a caged animal than when I returned to Michigan last November…

I feel your pain buddy.
I feel your pain buddy.

My homecoming was not what I expected. I usually feel refreshed and have no problem coming back from lengthy trips, but this time I experienced a form of transition shock. I knew something was off almost immediately when I got back. It was perfect for a second and then I quickly became bored, already hungry for another adventure. There was something fascinating about traveling to completely new places everyday, meeting new people from all around the world on a consistent basis. My friends would ask me how my trip was, but to explain it all in words was nearly impossible.  So I try my best with this blog. You just had to be there. Overtime, being home was easier to deal with knowing that I had another big journey approaching ahead.  Thanks to months of hard work and dedication, I’ll be globetrotting once again near the end of July! It’s that time of year where I set off on another once-in-a-lifetime grand adventure around the globe! Destination? Where ever the heck I want! I present to you some of the most common questions I get from everyone regarding this upcoming escapade…

Where are you going this time?

I’m not exactly sure. I mean, I do have a few ideas. This upcoming trip will be unlike any other year. I’m not starting off volunteering anywhere for awhile. I’ll be choosing my own adventure, much like I did while I was in Southeast Asia, but this time I won’t constrain myself to one region. This will be mostly unplanned. All I know for sure is that my hub will be in or near Amsterdam and then I’ll eventually make my way around Germany for a bit, then afterwards who knows? I’ve been throwing around ideas of different countries in my head but nothing is set in stone. Exactly how I want it. Going with the flow!

Somewhere near Amsterdam shall be the starting hub of this new journey.
Somewhere near Amsterdam shall be the starting hub of this new journey.\

How long will you be gone for?

I don’t know the answer to that question either. A minimum of two months – a maximum of a very long time. It’s all up in the air. Actually, it’s mostly dependent on how far I can stretch my loot. Starting this trip in Europe doesn’t help my case, but I think I can make it through without crippling my budget.

Are you volunteering anywhere again?

Of course I want to! The premise of this blog began with me volunteering somewhere.  I’m just not sure where yet this time. I’ll decide once I leave.

Are you traveling with anyone this time?

Last year I traveled with two long-term companions, Lucy and Chris. (Update on them: Lucy has been saving up in England to go on her own global journey soon and Chris has just wrapped up a school year teaching in Philadelphia.) I don’t have any long term companions this time around but still, I won’t be alone. I never am. I plan on reuniting with tons of old friends I met from previous trips throughout my venture in addition to meeting a slew of fresh faces along the way.

What else should we know?

In addition to Facebook (I use often) and Twitter (I rarely use), you can now follow me on Instagram too. Not sure how much I will use it though. The main chunk of this trip does begin in The Netherlands, but something sweet is happening right before that. You’ll just have to wait and find out what that is! So yeah…I don’t really know where I’m going, who I’ll meet, and how long I will be gone for. It’s very exciting stuff! The unplanned adventures are always the best ones!

I had about eight months in Michigan before I leave again at the end of July. I chose that time because I was starting to forget what an American summer felt like. I haven’t been home for a Fourth of July in a few years. The time is getting close and the beast shall be unleashed in just a few short weeks and to get my creative writing juices flowing again for the big one, I have here a few stories of my “mini-trips” I took during my downtime.

It begins with a trip across the opposite side of the North American continent, to Vancouver, B.C Canada!



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