Sports Day. German Night.

Now that everyone was recovered from the party, Chris had a sports day planned for as many kids as possible. He had a huge donation of jerseys and shorts from his frisbee friends back home that he wanted to give to the kids. The idea was that we all go out to the soccer field right outside of Ikaya Primary, and have a day playing frisbee, soccer, and whatever. That afternoon, Mawande, Aphiwe, Wande, and one of Mawande’s friends that I never met came over to Zulu’s. Hanneke, Mieke, and myself joined them to the soccer field, picking up random kids along the way who wanted to play. We didn’t have a big group at first, but as the day progressed, the field was filled with kids! A lot of the kids were wearing the jerseys Chris had brought with him and many of the jerseys were too big, but they wore them anyways. Teams were split into two for a soccer match, the Mieke Stars and Hanneke’s team.





Chris joined in on a team that was losing by a landslide and then I eventually joined for a bit. Other kids started to show up at the field who could turn the tables, and I quickly resumed the camera. It was a pretty great day for all those kids getting active instead of playing with our Apple products inside all day.



Later on after we were done, we walked back to Zulu’s. Chris, Hanneke, and Mieke bought tickets prior to watch Lelethu sing and perform at Amazink. Anyone who knows me at home knows that I’m not a big fan of singing concerts, plays, or musicals really so I opted not to go. (I will be going eventually on a later post).While they went, I pretty much had the night to myself. But just as I was about to go to bed, I hear a knock at my door. It was Gesa asking if Eric was around. He wasn’t. She then told me, she wanted me to come out into town with her, Theresa, and Clara. The idea of going to clubs doesn’t thrill me either, even though it is a lot of fun, I usually ALWAYS spend way too much money. But, I never hung out with these three German girls before, so I thought “Why not?” and decided to join them. I pampered up and we all got a ride from their friend Ben into Stellenbosch. Where were we headed? Cubañas!


I was a little surprised to hear that the girls have never been to Cubañas since the other volunteers frequent this place quite a bit. It was a packed Friday night, so while we waited for a table, I introduced them to springbok shots, a South African specialty! We finally got a table and ordered some nachos and more spirits between all of us. Cubañas was the “pregame”, if you will, before we went to one of the nightclubs.




While we were there, the bartenders put on a fire performance while juggling bottles. I couldn’t stop laughing because there was a lady at the bar who would scream in horror whenever a flamed bottle dropped on the floor!



We stayed at Cubañas for awhile enjoying ourselves before we left and walked to a place called the Catwalk. Unfortunately none of the girls had their I.D’s with them so they weren’t allowed in. No matter, we could walk in any direction and find another place. Speaking of which, this is the first time I walked through Stellenbosch at night and I never realized there were so many nightclubs hidden within the normal everyday restaurants and markets. There were college students everywhere! Stellenbosch is a college town so it made sense. It’s just that out of all my time I spent here, I never witnessed Stelly like this. Anyways, we walked a short distance across the town hall to a nightclub called Entourage. It was like any typical club I’ve been to all over the world. And just like usual, whenever I end up going to one of these, I end up spending more money than I wanted but it always equals a very great time which makes it worth it!



We left around 2 am in the morning and I ran to McDonald’s because we all had the late night munchies. Just like in America, there is a McDonald’s monopoly here and I’ve collected a bunch of pieces!

You would think after so many pieces, we would of won SOMETHING by now! But besides a few free Big Mac’s and whatnot, nothing! We waited outside of town hall where we were being goofballs until Ben came and picked us up and took us back home where we enjoyed our late night snack before going to bed. I had to convince the girls that I don’t eat McDonald’s back in Michigan this much at all! It’s just a comfort food here…and it’s always open.

Tomorrow, Chris, Hanneke, Mieke, and I all planned to go to Muizenberg to try our hand at surfing once again!


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