A Day in the Life of Lupho

One of Chris’ friends from home asked if he could interview a student at Ikaya and find out what a typical day for a child is like here in Kayamandi. His friend is a teacher and she wants to compare a school day for a Kayamandi student to an American student for her class. Chris had the idea to make a video out of it, and record a specific student and school and ask him questions. The student he chose to document was Lupho. Lupho attends Ikaya Primary and frequently comes over to Zulu’s to hang out with us play with our iPads. He is also one of the eight kids that is coming with us on the Reaching Out 2 The World trip which is coming up fast! I didn’t know of Lupho last year but he appeared out of the blue to me nowhere this time. With Fudo not here anymore, he left a spot open for another student to join us on the trip. We decided Lupho would fit the bill. We told Lupho the day before that we wanted to come to his home in the morning and walk with him to school, and also interview him for later. He was more than willing to participate!

On Thursday morning, Lupho came to us and we followed him to his home. His home is pretty basic. A shack with one room and two beds adjacent to each other. It’s about the size of a typical American bedroom, maybe a little bigger. When we arrived at his home, his mother was laying on the bed watching tv. Actually, the tv was mostly static but you could make out what was going on if you concentrated. His mother didn’t seem too concerned that we came because Lupho has been telling her all about us. We wanted to let her know exactly what the trip entails and if we could have her permission to take Lupho with us. In order for the kids to go with us on this trip, they had to all get a permission slip signed by their parents or legal guardian. She signed Lupho’s which meant he was now officially part of the Reaching Out 2 The World club! We thanked his mother for letting us come by and then we continued on our way to Ikaya. Along the way, I recorded footage of Lupho walking with Chris to the school. Once we made it to the school during one of their breaks, there were tons of kids running about, as usual. Our plan was to interview Lupho in one of the classrooms and possibly interview another group of school kids about typical life in Kayamandi, but we had to put that on a brief hold because as soon as we entered the school grounds, the kids wanted to play. I came prepared this time and brought a brand new rugby ball I had just bought and passed it around to the kids. It didn’t take long before a quarter of the schools students were running all around with my ball; kicking it everywhere, nearly hitting classroom windows and such. I had lost complete control! Meanwhile, other kids would latch onto me wanting me to pull them around the school. They did the same to Chris.




I’ve never seen the kids here at this school act so crazy! And it also seemed like break lasted forever! Come to find out, it was a long break because there was really nothing for the students to do. It was the second to last day before the students went on a week-long break so the teachers didn’t want to fill their plates with anymore work. Once we realized that this break lasted forever, Chris and I summoned Lupho and found a classroom where we could interview him without all the chaos. I recorded him on video as we asked him questions like, “What did you have for breakfast this morning?”, “What do you usually do after school?”, “Who helps you with your homework?”, etc. I found out that Lupho likes to play football (soccer) after school everyday with his friends, loves Chris Brown and Nikki Minaj, and wishes to go to Germany. Next, we wanted to interview a few random students of the school. We went to the class next door and found a group of learners playing around. Even during break, you can find a few learners playing around even in the classrooms. We asked a group if we could ask them some questions and record it on video. They were a bit shy at first but happily agreed. We asked typical questions, like we asked Lupho, including “If you could visit one country in the world right now, where would it be?” Most of the kids answered “Switzerland!”. Why the heck these kids picked Switzerland out of all the places in the world was completely out of left field. I expected them to say America or France or something like that. Afterwards, Chris asked the kids if they could sing South Africa’s national anthem. Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before and I didn’t know how long it was!


Chris compiled a video of Lupho and the interviews on his computer and we will be sure to post it once we get some time and decent internet connection around here. Time and internet are essentials thats pretty pesky to come by during this trip, so I apologize for being so slow to update these blogs, but I’m working on em!

By the way, we have the eighth and final member of the Reaching Out 2 The World Crew. That would be none other than Avela! If you remember before on a post from last year, I mentioned how Avele was moving to the Eastern Cape and it was unlikely that I would ever see him again. Fortunately, Avele and Mawande are cousins and they stay in contact. We found out the Avele would be in Kayamandi during the school break. We asked Avele to get permission from his parents and he’s all clear to go!

The Reaching Out 2 World trip is coming up quick!

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