Mad Monkeys

With just half a day left here on Koh Rong, I could not wait to leave this place! But why Dan? it sounded like you loved it? While I did love the beaches, the bars, and the people, I hated my bungalow. I’m a pretty easy going, go-with-the-flow guy; I’ll sleep on a cement floor if I had to. But I can’t really handle sleeping when it’s blazing hot at night with no fan or air conditioning around. Not only dripping in sweat, but dripping in sweat under a moldy mosquito net, on a mattress that smells like wet dog, and barking dogs, crying babies, and an obnoxious rooster belting out right outside my hut every morning at 6 am. I got little sleep each night there, which resulted in a crabby Mr. Sellers. The others were fine though. Kevin said that Germans don’t really have air con in their homes, so they’re used to it and Rob…well, he sleeps like a brick no matter where he is! My net was the only one with black mold all over it so when I went to ask the front desk if they could change it, they simply replied with “Oh sorry sir. We have no more.” Great.

Our ferry finally arrived and Rob, Kevin, Björn, Leticia, and I hit the sea. I was thrilled! Luke stayed behind as he still had to make up his mind of where he was going. The sun began to set which was a fitting end to our time on the island.


Once we arrived in Sihanoukville, we immediately took a bus to our next destination, Siem Reap! Siem Reap is one of the more popular cities in Cambodia thanks to it’s energetic Pub Street, loads of outdoor night markets, and of course, the mother of all temples, Angkor Wat! Also here is one of the most popular hostels in the country, The Mad Monkey. If you recall, I stayed in the one in Phnom Penh and loved it so we all decided to stay at the location in Siem Reap as well. It was a great choice because this one was same, same, but different. On the roof of this hostel was a chilled out bar where the floor was covered with sand. My dorm room was shared with 12 other backpackers, including Rob (the others opted to get private rooms). The hostel staff initially gave me a bed in the center of the room, but I asked to move to another vacant bed right underneath the air conditioning :). Best choice. For our first night in Siem Reap, I didn’t really do much. I was tired and had to catch up on blogging. The next night, Rob, Leticia, her friend Lianne, and I decided to see what the famous Pub Street had to offer. But first, we went to an Angkor Night Market in the middle of town. I didn’t buy anything here because things here were a little bit pricier than what they were at the Old Market right across the street. Instead, we went to a restaurant right in the middle of the market where I conformed to a typical westerner and had a burger with fries. Once in awhile, I like to enjoy the comforts of western style food to keep my belly full, because sometimes all of these rice and noodle concoctions weren’t cutting it! Afterwards, we hit up pub street and found that almost every bar offered 50 cent draft beers all night long. You really cannot beat that! So we decided to chill there for awhile.


I noticed there were a few children walking around the busy streets trying to sell things to all of the tourists, mostly bracelets and roses. Whats worse than a local adult trying to heckle you to buy things you don’t need, are children who try to heckle you to buy things you don’t need! One, their English is usually much better than adults, so it’s harder to play stupid with them. Also, kids are cuter and it’s not as easy to say no to a cute kid working hard in the middle of the night. One little girl came up to us, chatted up a storm, getting to know us and then offered her bracelets for us to buy. Her tactics worked. We all ended up getting one.


After a couple of hours, we went right across the street to a happening place called The Temple Club where we played a couple of games of pool and tore up the dance floor! Then, right back across the street to a place called The Angkor Wat. Not the real Angkor Wat, but a club version I guess. We all had a pretty great time!



The next night, Rob and I took it easy because we planned on waking up at 4 am to visit the insanely massive temple of all temples in the Kingdom of Cambodia…

Angkor Wat!

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