Jiggy Jangle Jungle Jam

When people talk about the Thailand island of Koh Phangan, you won’t hear how great the beaches are. Instead you’ll hear people talking about all of the larger-than-life parties that are held on almost a daily basis. There are Jungle parties, Boat parties, Float parties, Waterfall parties, Pool parties, Full Moon parties, Half Moon parties, Black Moon parties, Moonlight parties, etc. The grand daddy of those would be the Full Moon Party. More about the Full Moon Party on the next post.

Viola and I took a ferry to Koh Phangan and walked across the dock and into the beginnings of the town to find Viola a place to stay for the night. Silly Viola booked a stay at Cosy Bungalows that would start the next day instead of today. We managed to find her an accommodation for the night for a decent price, surprisingly. The costs of accommodations skyrocket when a Full Moon party is near, with most hostels forcing you stay a minimum of three to five nights when you book. We both needed to reset ourselves, shower, and maybe get a brief nap after being out in the boat and the sun all morning, so I went to my hostel I booked separately down the road called The Nomad House. I originally booked for a cheap, fan room only dorm but the owner said they were having problems and upgraded me to an air conditioned room for no extra cost! Score! Air conditioning is such a luxury here in Thailand. I love it so!

After winding down for a bit, I met up with Viola at her place. There was a Jungle Party happening tonight somewhere on the island and apparently it’s THE place to be, but that didn’t start until around 9pm. Viola planned for her friend that she briefly met in Chiang Mai a couple weeks ago to meet us, as he so happened to be on the island and they’ve kept in touch ever since. His name is Jack (England) and along with him was his friend Kevin (Austria), whom he just met at his bungalows on the island. Kevin speaks just like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Fittingly so, since they are both from Austria. After meeting up, we all decided to “boost up” as Viola liked to call it. “Boosting up” means the same as “pregaming” or “predrinking”. I like the term “Let’s boost up!”. I think I’m going to adopt that into my vocabulary. It sounds a little better.

We got some food at a local night market first off. The food here was so good and so cheap! Massaman curry and fruit smoothies for $3. You can’t beat that! Definitely the cheapest place on the island to eat by far. It was so good, I got two of each – two servings of curry and two fruit smoothies! The others stuffed themselves as well. So much that it was hard to boost up at the pub we went to nearby because we were so full! We were completely fine with it though. “Alright guys, let’s not get too crazy tonight. We have to stay alive for the Full Moon Party tomorrow!” At least that was the idea in our head. The Jungle Party didn’t mean anything to me at the time. All I’ve ever heard about is the insanity of the Full Moon Party and how it lasts from 7pm until 9am the next morning. The rough plan was to just have a good time tonight, nothing to crazy…

We didn’t follow that plan at all…








It’s hard to when the entry ticket allows you two free drinks and then there are cheap buckets everywhere you look. One look at the tone and taste of the atmosphere, and you just wanna go nuts like everyone else! We’re in Thailand, on a tropical island known for it’s parties, we kinda have to! Another backpacker from Jacks bungalow joined us from Germany to the jungle. It was literally a party in the middle of the jungle, with large screens, lots of flashy lights, and packed with people from all over the world. The music was a bit too “techno-y” for my liking but other than that, everything was spot on. Not even a pesky mosquito in sight! I also spotted many backpackers I met throughout my trip in Southeast Asia, including this little lady:


It’s Lucy! She was here on the island as well and would remain until her trip to Bali. Later on she found us and started to paint away.




I won’t get into details but the night ended after some of us escorted someone who was waaaay intoxicated back home, after mingling with random backpackers, and after somehow riding in a taxi in a hammock, and after getting separated within the blink of the eye. I guess we all went home at separate times in the night too! It was so late that I remember falling asleep in the taxi ride full of random backpackers. They had to wake me up to tell me I arrived at my hostel. I slugged through my hostel, outside to the back, and up two flights of stairs to my dorm. I chugged a whole liter of water that I stole from one of my dorm-mates (I would repay him in the morning, I just desperately needed water!) and passed right out in my nice air conditioned room. I had no idea if the others made it back safely to their respective stays. I’d just have to find out in the morning!

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