From Africa to Las Vegas!

36 hours until I reach Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s 36 hours straight of flying and long layovers…ugh. Cape Town to Dubai to Seattle to Las Vegas. The flight between Dubai and Seattle is going to be the longest flight in the history of the world! I am typing this blog on that flight now and I can tell you, I have no idea what day it is or what time I’m landing. It’s daylight outside, but I’m extremely tired. Dubai is almost exactly halfway around the world from Seattle so I wasn’t sure if I would be flying east or west; turns out I’m flying north. In a few hours this plane will be right over the North Pole. With the amount of timezones I’m flying through, I’m sure my internal clock is going to be all sorts of jacked up haha!

The main reason I’m not sleeping right now is because of the amount of entertainment that is at my disposal! This is the first time I have flown with United Emirates Airlines and I can safely say it has taken the top spot as my favorite airline. Every passenger has access to over 1,200 movies and tv shows, a massive amount of music spanning decades, and maybe about 50 video games to play. In addition to that, the food is pretty decent and it’s the cleanest airline I have been in to date. The major hook for me is that they offer the complete fourth season of Mad Men to watch! Needless to say, right after I’m done writing this, I’m going to go back and continue watching what happens with Don Draper and his crew. This is why I can’t sleep.

If you don’t watch this, start now.

It still hasn’t sunk in quite yet that I will be home soon. It probably won’t until I step foot on familiar American soil. I am pretty pumped to see some of my friends in Vegas that I haven’t seen in three months since I left Michigan. This isn’t my first foray in that awesome city; I’ve been there multiple times. I even went right before I left to Africa haha! Every time is always a blast and this time should be no different.

One time in Vegas, I jumped off the tallest building there, The Stratosphere.
Myself, Bryan, and Matt. Usually when I go here, I go with these guys and it’s always a great time.
This is right before I left to Africa. Danielle and I are pregaming before our show at Viva Elvis!

My buddy Matt is getting married in late September so he and his groomsmen (myself included) are gonna live it up proper for the occasion for a few days.

I won’t be blogging while I am there because…let’s be honest, who writes while they are at a bachelor party in Vegas?? I just hope my boys are ready for a special present I brought them specifically for the occasion — Konyagi. I brought it from Tanzania, and it’s something you HAVE to try if you ever visit the country if you want to feel like a local. However, trying it just once is enough! Trust me. I packed it in with all of my dirty African clothes. I planned ahead though; before I left for Africa, I gave Bryan some of my fresh clothes to take with him to Vegas for me.

I’m going to get back to Mad Men now though. My next and final post (for this adventure at least) will be when I get back in Michigan. I’ll see everyone at home soon!

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