Superman Returns

I’m pretty protective of my balls.

My football and rugby balls, you guys. I bought some in Stellenbosch awhile back and kept a keen eye on them ever since. Before I left to go to my old school in Muizenberg, Ski asked me if he could borrow the football while I was gone. I was hesitant at first but I figured I can trust him. Worst case is that if he loses it, then I would just have to buy another. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do that.

I took the Metro to Muizenberg and headed over to the Rec house. There I met up with everyone and hung out for a bit. My scab from my Masai burn finally fell off! It was a perfect ring! I have been wanting to pick at it for a while now but forced myself not to. I tried to give my scab ring to Lucy to put in her scrapbook she was making haha! She was both disgusted and amused at the same time.

Dave, the owner of the surf shack, picked up Lucy, Spencer, Larry, Sam (London, UK), and I and took us to the Eastern Bazaar in Cape Town. The food there was more than amazing; especially since they served Dan Sellers sized portions i.e. humongous! I stuffed myself with chicken tikka curry the rest of the night. By far the best curry I’ve ever had and I had a lot of it, particularly all over Africa.

Lucy looks very happy about the Bazaar!

The next day, I went with the volunteers to the Christian Primary. Today was only a half-day because the school was celebrating a christian holiday over the weekend. Which works out great for me because as soon as this school let’s out, I have to get back to Kayamandi asap. I told my kids I would be back when they got out of school. Anyhow, I arrived at the school and saw how flooded the grounds were (nothing new there). I went around the massive puddles and found my way to Miss Jacobs grade one class. The kids heads popped up once they saw me. I never seen a group of kids looked so shocked. “Superman!” Some of the kids would always call me Superman because I used to wear a shirt with the Superman emblem on it to school. Also because during break, I would have the kids pretend to fly like Superman by swinging them in the air. The kids ran up to me and gave me little hugs. Three of the ones I always played with were there too: Lawon, Michael, and Conroy. It was so cool to see them again. Miss Jacobs has been following me on my blogs and was glad I found the time out of my adventurous schedule to come and visit. Of course I would! I spent a lot of the first class session showing the kids what I have been up to lately via photos on my iPad. They were really amazed by all the safari and Zanzibar pictures.

Michael and Lawon.
Conroy and Lawon. Happy to see me!

Like old times, when it was recess, I went outside to play with them again. I got a bunch of shocked looks from the learners in the older classes too. “Dan, where have you been?” “You’re back!” I received a lot of thumbs up and fist bumps during that time. I had a crowd of kids around me but I had to make sure to tell them that I’m only visiting so they won’t expect to see me everyday. I will visit at least one more time though. Eventually I found two other members of my crew, Deano and Limbo. Deano still smells like dried up urine but I didn’t expect anything less haha!

Myself with my first grade learners: Lawon, Limbo, Angry Conroy, my second grade learner Deano.
Still floods…

Later on, there was a special assembly at the school. I have absolutely no idea what it was about since the majority of it was spoken in Afrikaans. It’s crazy how just a train ride brings me from a world where everyone speaks Xhosa to this one where everyone speaks Afrikaans. For some reason, I’m still stuck on speaking in Swahili from Tanzania. Not to mention speaking in Spanish (or at least attempting to) with the four Spanish women who also live with Mama Zulu. Needless to say, I get very confused. Anyways, the assembly lasted a little over an hour. I said my goodbyes and headed back to Muizenberg with the rest of the volunteers. I made sure to take pictures of the school as requested by IVHQ as well. The computer lab is a giant myth.

This “computer lab” was supposed to be completed back in June. Now it’s just a storage room and a place where the volunteers relax.

Once I got back to Muizenberg, I immediately took a train back to Kayamandi. I just kept imagining my boys there waiting for me outside of Zulu’s. Low and behold, they weren’t there. Instead they assumed I was coming back on a minibus and were waiting at the bus station for me. They came over once they saw me down the street. After drawing Dragon Ball Z pictures with them for a bit, I noticed Ski was unusually quiet. I knew in my head, it had to do with my football I lent him. I didn’t say anything for a while because I wanted to see if he’d bring it up on his own. He didn’t. So I asked him, “Ski, did you take care of my soccer ball?” RiRi interrupted and said that he doesn’t have it anymore. “What happened?” I asked. According to them, the story is that they were all playing with it down the street and a couple of older kids joined them and kicked the ball around. One of the older guys picked up the ball and took it with him to his house. The boys argued and shouted to give the ball back but the older kid said to them, “If you want it you have to fight me for it.” Thankfully the kids stopped after that. All they could do is watch as the older kid took MY ball with him into his house and locked the door behind him.

I told Ski not to feel bad; it was an accident and that I would get my ball back. “Do you know where this guy lives?” I asked. They knew. I plan on getting back what’s mine, even if it is just a measly object like a soccer ball. The boys were curious in how I would accomplish this daring feat. That older kid took advantage of my younger kids and stole from them. I will get back what is ours. Once I find out where he lives I’ll figure something out.

I get a weird kick out of this kind of stuff 🙂

3 thoughts on “Superman Returns”

  1. Dan, yo man !!  so great to se the picture of christian david again and Mr. Hans !! !!  and some of my 6th graders.,, wicked tales you have hear on the blog. this is stephen “always doin your own thing” from palmer house. all the best man, keep bloggin !! 


    1. I appreciate the positive comments Stephen. I plan on visiting the school one more time before I leave in about a week. I’ll be sure to blog about it! Thanks for reading man


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